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Bible Study: 2 Peter: How to Find Life

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  • Author: The Apostle Peter
  • Who was Peter?
  • Date: Before Peter’s death in 68 AD (approx 65-68 AD)
  • Recipients: Church at large

Genre: Understanding Epistles

Section 1: Background

Background & Outlines

Peter NASB Study Text

2 Peter ESV Study Text

A Comparison of  2Peter 2 & Jude

Peter’s use of the Old Testament

Map of NT Churches

Blue Letter Bible: Peter in New Testament

Blue Letter Bible: Chronology of Acts/Epistles

Ray C. Stedman: Overview of the Book

John MacArthur: Author, Date, Background

NIV: 2 Peter Introduction

ESV: Introduction to 2Peter

ESV: The Global Message of 2Peter

2 Peter – Charles Swindoll

2 Peter: Introduction, Argument, and Outline  – Daniel Wallace

 James Van Dine: Introduction to 2 Peter

Key to 2 Peter – William Orr

2 Peter – Myer Pearlman (1935)

Synthetic Bible Study – 2 Peter – James Gray (1906)

2 Peter Introduction – Wil Pounds

David Malick (Bible.org): Introduction To The Book Of 2 Peter

David Malick: Argument Of The Book Of 2 Peter


Section 2: Maps

Maps from Bible-History.com

New Testament World

Israel in New Testament Times

Herod the Great’s Kingdom

Herod’s Kingdom Divided

New Testament Jerusalem

Apostles’ Journeys

Section 3: Key Words

Key Words in 2 Peter

Occurrences are based on New American Standard Text. “4x/3v” means the word appears 4 times in 3 verses. “3x” means the word appears 3 times in 3 verses.

Jesus Christ (9x/8v) – Strong’s G2424 in 2Pe 1:1; 2Pe 1:2; 2Pe 1:8; 2Pe 1:11; 2Pe 1:14; 2Pe 1:16; 2Pe 2:20; 2Pe 3:18.

God (7x) – Strong’s G2316 in 2Pe 1:1; 2Pe 1:2; 2Pe 1:17; 2Pe 1:21; 2Pe 2:4; 2Pe 3:5; 2Pe 3:12.

knowledge (8x) – Strong’s G1922 in 2Pe 1:2; 2Pe 1:3; 2Pe 1:8; 2Pe 2:20; Strong’s G1108 in 2Pe 1:5; 2Pe 1:6; 2Pe 3:18; Strong’s G50 in 2Pe 2:12.

know (3x) – Strong’s G3609a in 2Pe1:12; Strong’s G1097 in 2Pe1:20; 2Pe 3:3; known (3x/2v) – Strong’s G1107 in 2Pe 1:16;  Strong’s G1921 in 2Pe 2:21.

reminder (2x) – Strong’s G5280 in 2Pe1:13; 2Pe 3:1; remind (1x) Strong’s G5279 in 2Pe1:12; remember (1x) – Strong’s G3403 in 2Pe3:23. “call these things to mind” – 2Pe1:15; “pay attention” in 2Pe1:19. forgotten (1x) – Strong’s G3024 in 2Pe 1:9.

true (3x) – Strong’s G1922 in 2Pe 1:3, 2Pe 1:8;  Strong’s G227 in 2Pe 2:22;.

truth (2x) – Strong’s G225 in 2Pe 1:12; 2Pe 2:2.

false (3x/2v) – Strong’s G5578 in 2Pe 2:1; Strong’s G5572 in 2Pe 2:1; Strong’s G4112 in 2Pe 2:3.

destroyed (5x) – Strong’s G5351 in 2Pe 2:12; Strong’s G622 in 2Pe 3:6; Strong’s G3089 in 2Pe 3:10; 2Pe 3:11; 2Pe 3:12.

destruction (6x) – G684 in 2Pe 2:1; 2Pe 2:3; 2Pe 3:7; 2Pe 3:16; Strong’s G2692 in 2Pe 2:6; Strong’s G5356 in 2Pe 2:12.

judgment (5x) – Strong’s G2920 in 2Pe 2:4; 2Pe 2:9; 2Pe 2:11; 2Pe 3:7. Strong’s G2917 in 2Pe 2:3.

promise (3x) – Strong’s G1860 in 3:4, 3:9; Strong’s G1862 in 3:13

word/words (3x) – Strong’s G3056 in 2Pe 1:19; 2Pe 2:3;2Pe 2:18; (implied); 2Pe 3:5; 2Pe 3:7; Strong’s G4487 in 2Pe 3:2.

righteousness (4x) – Strong’s G1343 in 2Pe 1:1; 2Pe 2:5; 2Pe 2:21; 2Pe 3:13. righteous (3x/2v) – Strong’s G1342 in 2Pe 2:7; 2Pe 2:8.

godliness (4x) – Strong’s G2150 in 2Pe 1:3; 2Pe 1:6; 2Pe 1:7; 2Pe 3:11.

prophecy (2x) – Strong’s G4394 in 2Pe1:20; 2Pe 1:21; prophet (1x) – Strong’s G4396 in 2Pe 2:16; prophetic (1x) – Strong’s G4397 in 2Pe 1:19.

heavens (5x) – Strong’s G3772 in 2Pe 3:5; 2Pe 3:7; 2Pe 3:10; 2Pe 3:12; 2Pe 3:13.

diligent (3x) Strong’s G4704 in 2Pe 1:10; 2Pe 1:15; 2Pe 3:14; / diligence (1x) Strong’s G4710 in 2Pe 1:5; / make certain (1x) – Strong’s G4160 G949 in 2Pe 1:10.

Section 5: Commentaries

Commentaries & Study Bibles

Top 5 Commentaries on 2 Peter & Jude – Ligonier.org

Best Commentaries on 2 Peter & Jude- Tim Challies

Calvin’s Commentary on the Bible: 2 Peter

Albert Barnes Notes on the Whole Bible: 2 Peter

Alfords Exegetical Commentary: 2 Peter

Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary on the Bible: 2 Peter

Geneva Study Bible: 2 Peter

Reformation Study Bible Notes: 2 Peter

Precept Austin Commentaries & Sermons: 2 Peter

ESV Study Bible

Deity of Jesus in 2 Peter

Introduction to 2 Peter (Includes timeline) 

The Global Message of 2 Peter

What is heresy?

2 Peter 3:10 Like a Thief in the Night

NT Theology and Key Dates

Section 4: Encyclopedias

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias


Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary: Peter, Second, Theology of

American Tract Society Peter, Epistles of

Bridgeway Bible Dictionary: Peter, Letters of

Easton’s Bible Dictionary Peter, Second Epistle of

Fausset Bible Dictionary: Peter, the Epistles of

Holman Bible Dictionary: 2 Peter

Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible Peter, Second Epistle of

Hastings’ Dictionary of the NT Peter Epistles of

Kitto’s Popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature: Peter epistles of

Morrish Bible Dictionary Peter, Second Epistle of

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: Peter, the Second Epistle of

McClintock and Strong’s Bible Encyclopedia Peter, Second Epistle Of

The Nuttall Encyclopedia: Peter, the Second Epistle of

Smith Bible Dictionary Peter, Second Epistle of

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica: Epistles of Peter

Peter (aka Simon Peter, Simon, Cephas)

American Tract Society Dictionary: Peter

Bridgeway Bible Dictionary: Peter

Easton’s Bible Dictionary: Peter

Fausset Bible Dictionary: Peter

Holman Bible Dictionary: Peter

Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible: Peter

Kitto’s Popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature: Peter

Morrish Bible Dictionary: Peter

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: Peter, Simon

McClintock and Strong: Peter

The Nuttall Encyclopedia: Peter, the Apostle

The Jewish Encyclopedia:

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica: Peter

Peter means “rock or stone” – Hitchcock’s Bible Names

Simon means ” that hears; that obeys” – Hitchcock’s Bible Names

Cephas means a rock or stone – Hitchcock’s Bible Names

Peter’s Wife (Zondervan)

Eusebius: Persecution under Nero

Whyte’s Bible Characters Peter

Silas, Silvanus

American Tract Society: Silas; Silvanus

Bridgeway Bible Dictionary: Silas

Easton’s Bible Dictionary: Silas

Fausset Bible Dictionary: Silas

Holman Bible Dictionary: Silas, Silvanus

Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible: Silvanus

Kitto’s Popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature: Silvanus

Morrish Bible Dictionary: Silas

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: Silvanus

McClintock and Strong: Silvanus

Silas in Acts:  Acts 15:22-41; Acts 16; Acts 17; Acts 18:5

Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch text

What is the Book of Enoch?

Holman Bible Dictionary: Psuedepigrapha

Enoch in the Bible: Genesis 5:21-22; Luke 3:37; Hebrews 11:5; Jude 1:14

Holman Bible Dictionary: Enoch

Article on Genesis 6: Who were the Nephilim (Answers in Genesis)

The Assumption of Moses (quoted in Jude 1:9)

Section 6: Articles


The Sufficiency of Scripture for Life and Godliness 2 Peter 1:1-4

Richard Bauckham, “2 Peter: a supplementary bibliography,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 25.1 (March 1982): 91-93.

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Terrance Callan, “The Christology of the Second Letter of Peter,” Biblica 82 (2001): 253-263.

Terrance Callan, “The Style of the Second Letter of Peter,” Biblica 84 (2003): 202-224.

Terrance Callan, “Use of the Letter of Jude by the Second Letter of Peter,”Biblica 85 (2004): 42-64.

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J. Daryl Charles, “The Angels under Reserve in 2 Peter and Jude,” Bulletin for Biblical Research 15.1 (Spring 2005): 39-48.

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The Authorship of Second Peter (Hampton Keathley IV)

Is 2 Peter Peter’s? (Wayne Stiles)

A Brief Note on a Textual Problem in 2 Peter 3:10 (Dr. Daniel B. Wallace)

The Canonicity of Second Peter

A Test Case for Conjectural Emendation: 2 Peter 3:10d – Aaron K Tresham

Hampton Keathley: The Authorship of Second Peter

Section 7: Got Questions


Book of 2 Peter – Bible Survey

Questions about 2 Peter

 What is the effectual calling/call?

What is spiritual growth? What is progressive sanctification?

What is spiritual maturity? How can I become more spiritually mature?

In what ways are believers partakers of the divine nature?

What does Peter mean when he tells us to make our calling and election sure in 2 Peter 1:10?

Is eternal security biblical?

What is conditional security?

Can a Christian lose salvation?

Is there such a thing as an ex-Christian?

What does it mean that the Bible is infallible? What is biblical infallibility?

Did the writers of the New Testament regard their writings as Scripture?

What does 2 Peter 1:20 mean about interpreting Scripture?

What does it mean that the Bible is God-breathed?

Why is it important to believe in biblical inerrancy?

What is the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture? What does it mean that the Bible is sufficient?

Does the Bible contain errors, contradictions, or discrepancies?

Do I have to believe the Bible is inerrant to be saved?

Does the inerrancy of the Bible only apply to the original manuscripts?

What does it mean that the Bible is infallible? What is biblical infallibility?

How can I recognize a false teacher / false prophet?

Should Christians judge the teachings of their leaders?

What is apostasy and how can I recognize it?

 What was it like in the days of Noah?

 What is God’s relationship to time?

What is the day of the Lord?

 What does the Bible say about the end of the world?

Is Jesus coming soon?

What does it mean that heaven and earth will pass away?

How can I overcome my fear of the end of days?

What does the Bible mean when it refers to the end of the age?

Does Bible prophecy predict that there will be a World War 3 (III, three) before the end times?

What does it mean to grow in grace?

How can I become more like Christ?

How can I become more Christ-like?

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