7 Marks of False Teachers

by | Oct 9, 2013 | 06 Articles, Theology

I blog frequently on tips and tools for improving your Bible study skills, but what about discernment when listening to others?

Tim Challies, a pastor and author from Toronto Ontario, posted an intriguing list of “7 Marks of a False Teacher.

  1. False teachers are man pleasers. What they teach is meant to please the ear more than profit the heart.
  2. False teachers save their harshest criticism for God’s most faithful servants.
  3. False teachers teach their own wisdom and vision.
  4. False teachers miss what is of central importance and focus instead on the small details.
  5. False teachers obscure their false doctrine behind eloquent speech and what appears to be impressive logic.
  6. False teachers are more concerned with winning others to their opinions than in helping and bettering them.
  7. False teachers exploit their followers.

Visit his blog post for a more detailed description.