Books of the Bible by date written

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One of the first questions we ask when studying a new book of the Bible is: “when was it written?” Here a list of the most likely order in which the books of the Bible were written.

NOTE: These dates are NOT the same as when the events described in in the book took place.  AND there are several competing dating schemes.  This one makes the most sense to me.

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Old Testament

1445-1405 BCGenesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy
1410-450 BCPsalms
1405-1385 BCJoshua
c. 1043 BCJudges
c 1030-1010 BCRuth
971-965 BCSolomon
931- 722 BC1&2 Samuel
8550-840 BCObadiah?
835-796 BCJoel?
c. 775 BCJonah
c. 750 BCAmos
750-710 BCHosea
735-710 BCMicah
700-681 BCIsaiah
c 650 BCNahum
635-625 BCZephaniah
615-605 BCHabakkuk
590-570 BCEzekiel
 586 BCLamentations
586-570 BCJeremiah
561-538 BC1&2 Kings
536-530 BCDaniel
c. 520 BCHaggai
480-470 BCZechariah
457-444 BCEzra
450-430 BC1&2 Chronicles
450-331 BCEsther
433-424 BCMalachi
424-400 BCNehemiah

New Testament

44-49 ADJames (James was martyred in 62 AD; probably written before Council of Jerusalem in 48-50 AD)
48-50 ADGalatians (after 1st journey)
50-60 ADMatthew (some say 80s AD); Mark (some say 65-68 AD)
50-52 AD1&2Thessalonians (during 2nd journey)
55-56 AD1&2Corinthians (during 3rd journey)
56-57 ADRomans (during 3rd journey)
60-62 ADLuke-Acts (before Nero’s persecutions 64 AD & destruction of temple in 70 AD; others argue for 75-85 AD)
60-62 ADEphesians; Philippians; Philemon; Colossians (during 1st Roman imprisonment)
62-64 AD1Timothy; Titus (after 1st Roman imprisonment)
64-65 AD1Peter (as Nero’s persecutions were starting)
 65-66 AD2Timothy (during 2nd Roman imprisonment)
 67-68 AD2Peter (as his execution neared)
 66-69 ADHebrews (earlier if Paul is the author; debated whether before or after 70AD)
 68-70 ADJude
 80-90 ADJohn (probably 80-85)
 90-95 AD1,2,3 John
 94-96 ADRevelation

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