December 2022 Reflections

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Thanks to all of you who listened to all 65 episodes on the Gospel of Matthew! It’s been an incredible journey for me and I hope for you, too. What’s been your favorite part? Anything that surprised you? Something you never understood before? Anything make more sense now? I’d love to hear from you!

Next up: I’m taking a break from the podcast for the month of January (as I continue working on a book on the Sermon on the Mount which I hope will be out in 2023) and then we’ll start something new on the podcast.

December Podcasts

The Sabbath played a big role in the worsening relationship between Jesus and the Pharisees. Matthew gives us only these two stories. By the end of the second story, we learn that Pharisees are planning to kill Jesus partly because of his views on the Sabbath. Listen.

For the second time, Matthew quotes an Old Testament prophecy as predictive prophecy. Isaiah says ‘Behold my servant’ and explains something about how the Servant will act. Matthew shows us this is out Jesus acted. Listen.

Each one of us must decide what to do with Jesus. Sitting on the fence is not an option. The stumbling block is not lack of evidence. The stumbling block is the stubbornness of our hearts. In the end, we do not believe, because we do not want to believe. Listen.

The angel tells Joseph to take Mary as his wife because Mary is about to have a son through the power of the Holy Spirit. Then the angel also tells Joseph something about this son. Who does the angel say this child is? Listen

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