Improve your Bible study in 20 minutes

by | Feb 9, 2017 | 04 Bible Study 101, How To Study

Want to improve your bible study skills? Got 20 minutes?  Listen to the Renewing Your Mind podcast.  This week (February 2017) RC Sproul is podcasting from his series “Knowing Scripture”, which covers interpreting and applying Scripture properly. Each podcast lasts about 20 minutes, which is perfect for listening during your daily commute.

‘Reading the Bible Existentially’ – broadcast February 6, 2017
Description: Many people read Scripture as if it’s a collection of rules to be obeyed and facts to be memorized. But they ignore the rich and complex stories that make up the majority of the Bible. In this lesson Dr. R.C. Sproul explains that reading these stories existentially can open us to deeper truths about God. He begins by explaining what “existential” means, showing how it relates to living the Christian life.

‘The Historical Narrative’ – broadcast February 7, 2017
Description: Scripture has all we need to instruct us in matters of faith and practice, and is full of examples of godly men and women who lived lives of faith and integrity. What can we learn from their lives? Dr. Sproul shows us how we are to interpret biblical people and events as they are recorded in “The Historical Narrative.”

‘The Explicit and the Implicit’ – broadcast February 8, 2017
Description: Throughout church history there have been many obscure, or less clear, passages in Scripture that have attracted a variety of strange—and wrong—interpretations. How do we avoid the error of drawing something from Scripture that is simply not there? What principle do we call upon to guide us in our efforts to understand God’s Word? Dr. Sproul will help us with that as he explains the difference between “The Explicit and the Implicit.”

‘Principle vs. Custom’ – broadcast February 09,2017
Description: Looking at various customs described throughout Scripture, how are we to understand the application of them in our modern setting? Is there deeper meaning rooted in these teachings, or are they simply cultural issues? Dr. Sproul helps us recognize the difference between temporal local customs and universal principles in the Bible as he wraps-up this study of biblical interpretation.