Miracles of Jesus

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Healing and miracles were an important part of the ministry of Jesus. Jesus spent a lot of time traveling by foot from town to town, finding people who were sick, afflicted and oppressed from a wide variety of causes and healing them. Not only was each healing an act of compassion and a foreshadowing of the greater healing to come, each miracle was testimony from God that Jesus is the Christ.

Every time Jesus heals someone it reminds us that he has the power to rescue us from death. A physically sick person or a demon-possessed comes to Jesus and is made well.  That is tangible, visible evidence that a spiritually sick person who comes to Jesus will also be made well. 

Chart of the Miracles of Jesus

Casting out an unclean Spirit.Mk 1:21-28Lk 4:31-37.
Turning water into wine...Jn 2:1-12
Healing noble’s son of fever...Jn 4:46-54
Catch of fish..Lk 5:1-11.
Cleansing a leperMt 8:2-4Mk 1:40-43Lk 5:12-14.
Healing a Centurion’s servant of paralysisMt 8:5-13.Lk 7:1-10.
Healing Peter’s mother-in-lawMt 8:14-15Mk 1:30-31Lk 4:38-39.
Healing sick at eveningMt 8:16Mk 1:32Lk 4:40.
Stilling the stormMt 8:23-27Mk 4:35-41Lk 8:22-25.
Raising the widow’s son at Nain..Lk 7:11-15.
Demons entering the swineMt 8:28-24Mk 5:1-20Lk 8:26-39.
Healing a paralyticMt 9:2Mk 2:3-5Lk 5:17-25.
Raising the ruler’s daughterMt 9:23-26Mk 5:35-43Lk 8:49-56.
Healing the hemorrhaging womanMt 9:20-23Mk 5:25-34Lk 8:43-48.
Healing 2 blind menMt 9:27-31...
Healing demon possessed, mute manMt 9:32-24...
Healing a man’s withered handMt 12:9-13Mk 3:1-6Lk 6:6-11.
Healing a blind mute manMt 12:22...
Healing an infirm man at Bethesda...Jn 5:1-9
Feeding the 5000Mt 14:13-21Mk 6:30-44Lk 9:10-17Jn 6:1
Walking on the seaMt 14:22-33Mk 6:45-52.Jn 6:19
Healing sick at GennesaretMt 14:34-36...
Healing the Canaaanite woman’s daughterMt 15:21-28Mk 7:24-30..
Healing a deaf mute.Mk 7:31-37..
Feeding the 4000Mt 15:32-39Mk 8:1-10..
Healing the blind man at Bethsaida.Mk 8:22-26..
Healing the demon-possessed boyMt 17:14-20Mk 9:14-29Lk 9:38-42.
Temple tax in the fish’s mouthMt 17:24-27...
Healing the infirm bent woman..Lk 13:10-17.
Healing the man with dropsy..Lk 14:1-6.
Cleansing 10 lepers..Lk 17:11-19.
Healing blind men (Bartimaeus)Mt 20:29-34Mk 10:46-52Lk 18:35-43.
Withering the fig treeMt 21:18-22Mk 11:12-14..
Restoring the servant’s ear..Lk 22:47-53.
Healing man born blind...Jn 9:1-13
Raising of Lazarus...Jn 11:38-44
Second catch of Fish...Jn 21:1-6

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