Olivet Discourse: Comparing the Synoptic Gospels

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The Olivet Discourse is a conversation Jesus had with his disciples shortly before his crucifixion. As they sat on the Mount of Olives looking across at the temple, Jesus explained many things about the coming destruction of the temple. While Matthew provides the fullest account, this teaching is found in all three synoptic gospels.

Widow’s gift..Luke 21:1-4
Destruction of the templeMatthew 24:1-2Mark 13:1-2Luke 21:5-6
Disciples ask when the end will comeMatthew 24:3Mark 13:3-4Luke 21:7
Warnings against false claims of Jesus’ returnMatthew 24:4-5Mark 13:5-6Luke 21:8
End is a long way offMatthew 24:6-8Mark 13:7-8Luke 21:9-11
Time of persecutionMatthew 24:9-14Mark 13:9-13Luke 21:12-19
Signs of temple’s destructionMatthew 24:15-20Mark 13:14-18Luke 21:20-24
Tribulation following temple’s destructionMatthew 24:21-22Mark 13:19-20Luke 21:24
Warning about false MessiahsMatthew 24:23-28Mark 13:21-23(Luke 17:22-25)
Signs of the endMatthew 24:29-31Mark 13:24-27Luke 21:25-28
Parable of the Fig TreeMatthew 24:32-33Mark 13:28-29Luke 21:29-31
CertaintyMatthew 24:34-35Mark 13:30-31Luke 21:32-33
Surprise day of judgmentMatthew 24:36-41Mark 13:32(Luke 17:26-37)
Therefore be alertMatthew 24:42-44Mark 13:33Luke 21:34-36
Parable of the servantsMatthew 24:45-51Mark 13:34-37.
Various parablesMatthew 25:1-46..


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