September 2019 Recap

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In 1Corinthians 7 Paul turns to God’s purpose for sexuality and his discussion could be the “poster child” for the importance of understanding the context.  I hope you’re enjoying 1Corinthians as much as I am.  I’m particularly encouraged by your emails, tweets, and the many new subscribers!  I love hearing from you! 


Listener warning:  These podcast may not be appropriate for young listeners, as they discuss God’s design for sexuality.

16 1Corinthians 6:15-20 Glorify God in your body

Paul argues that the pursuit of sexual purity is a necessary part of following Christ, because we belong to him in a profound way and God created sexuality with a specific meaning.

17 1Corinthians 7:1-6 To the married

In Corinthians 7, Paul turns to answering specific question the Corinthians asked. The first question concerns the place of sexuality in marriage, and his first task is to correct their view that married people should be celibate.

18 1Corinthians 7:7-11 To the widowed

Paul addresses the widows and widowers, telling them both singleness and marriage are good gifts from God. Then he addresses those considering divorce so that they can remain chaste as a way to please God.

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