Thessalonians Outline

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Paul wrote 1&2 Thessalonians to a church of new believers from different ethnic groups in a city that was intensely hostile to them. Paul encouraged them to persevere in the faith and clarified some issues about living life now and our future hope.

Thessalonian Outline by Krisan Marotta

1 Thessalonians

  • 1:1-3 – Greeting
  • 1:1-20- Prayer. Paul is confident God has chosen them because of the changes Paul sees in their lives (faith, hope and love).
  • 2:1-16 – Paul’s example. Unlike teachers and preachers today, how people respond to the gospel is evidenced by how they respond to Paul.
    • 2:1-10 – What Paul did not do; Paul told them want they needed to hear, not what would flatter and entertain them.
    • 2:10-16 – What Paul did do; He exhorted them to believe the gospel and to live out that belief.
  • 2:17-20 -Paul laments the fact that he can’t visit the Thessalonians. Paul finds great joy in their faithful response to the gospel.
  • 3:1-10 – Paul describes his response when Timothy returned with good news about the Thessalonians.
  • 3:11-13 Paul prays that God might make it possible for him to visit Thessalonica again.
  • Paul now calls them to live their lives in accordance with their hope and faith and addresses some of their confusion about how to live now.
  • 4:1-12 – Paul now calls them to live their lives in accordance with their hope and faith. Paul addresses two areas they need to change:
    • 4:1-8 – their view of sexuality.
    • 4:9-12- their work ethic.
  • 4:13-5:11 – Paul addresses their questions about the second coming of Christ.
  • 5:12-28 – Paul explains how a church community should treat each other.

2 Thessalonians

  • 1:1-4 – Greeting & Thanksgiving
  • 1:5-12 – Paul encourages a young group of believers facing persecution to stay the course.
  • 2:1-12 – Paul addressed their confusion about the second coming
    • 2:3-4 – certain events (which have not happened yet) must happen first.
    • 2:5-7 – those events are still being restrained or held back.
    • 2:8-12 – he describes the nature of those events to demonstrate they haven’t happened yet.
  • 3:1-18 – Paul gives three directives regarding work:
    • 3:6-9 – Follow Paul’s example regarding work.
    • 3:10-12 – Work for your own support.
    • 3:13-16 – Do not enable those who won’t work.
  • 3:17-18 – Closing Thoughts

Series: 1&2 Thessalonians: Between Times

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