April 2019 Recap

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1Corinthians starts May 1 on the podcast — and I can’t wait!  1Corinthians is one of Paul’s most important letters.  In this NEW series, we’ll tackle both the interpretative questions and the issues Paul covers, including: divisions in the church, the place of wisdom, rewards in heaven, church discipline, sexuality in marriage, women’s head coverings, the Lord’s supper, spiritual gifts, and more.


  • 09 1 John 4:7-19 Perfect Love
    The apostle John explains why self-sacrificing love is a mark of a
    believer. In a nutshell, self-sacrificing love (as exemplified by the
    cross) is part of God’s holy character and God is in the process of
    giving us His character.
  • 10 1 John 4:20-5:12 These 3 Testify: Water,Blood & Spirit
    John tells us genuine believers will confess that Jesus is the Christ —
    the Jesus who was confirmed by three witnesses: “water”, “blood” and
    “the Spirit.”
  • 11 1 John 5:13-21 Confidence in the Gospel John’s
    conclusion is you can have confidence about three things: 1) that you
    have eternal LIFE, 2) that your sin cannot jeopardize that LIFE and 3)
    that his gospel message is true.
  • Acts 18
    records Paul’s first visit to Corinth.  Understanding Paul’s
    relationship to the Corinthian church is crucial to understanding his
    letters to Corinth.

Resources (new or updated)

Study questions, maps, charts, key words, history, background, outlines, and links to help you study

  • NEW: City of Corinth In
    Paul’s time Corinth was the 2nd most important city in the Roman
    empire.  Corinth was an exceptionally wealthy and important city in
    Greece. And I found a great map!
  • NEW: How many letters did Paul write to the Corinthians?
    The answer is not as easy as it sounds.  We have two letters to the
    church at Corinth in our Bible, but both of these letters mention
    another letter.  The chronology of Paul’s correspondence and visits to
    Corinth might look something like this.
  • NEW: Jude Bible Study Resources Study questions, maps, charts, key words, history, background, outlines, and links to help you study the epistle of Jude.

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