authority, authenteo, G831

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Strong’s number: G831

Greek Lexical Dictionary: Strong’s #831 – αὐθεντέω

Greek Word: αὐθεντέω

Part of Speech: Verb

Transliteration: authenteó

Phonetic Spelling: (ow-then-teh’-o)

Quick Definition: to govern, exercise authority

Usage: to govern, exercise authority

Etymology: from 846 /autós, “self” and entea, “arms, armor”) – properly, to unilaterally take up arms, i.e. acting as an autocrat – literally, self-appointed (acting without submission).

NASB Translation: exercise authority over (1).

New Testament usage: authority, authenteo G831

Strong’s G831 is used only once in the New Testament: 1Tim 2:12

It is not used in the Septuagint.

Englishman’s Concordance: αὐθεντέω (authenteó)

Lexicons: authority, authenteo G831

Thayer’s G831:

  1. one who with his own hands kills another or himself
  2. one who acts on his own authority, autocratic
  3. an absolute master
  4. to govern, exercise dominion over one

Strong’s G831: From a compound of G846 and ἕντης hentēs (obsolete; a worker); to act of oneself, that is, (figuratively) dominate: – usurp authority over.

Mounce G831: to have authority over

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Dictionaries: authority, authenteo G831

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