King David’s Family Tree

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King David’s family tree, based on what we know from Scripture.

This is a work in progress.  Please contact me if you find errors, omissions or broken links.

From my research, skipping names was common practice in genealogies both in the gospels and in secular records of ancient kings. Genealogies often jump from grandfather to grandson, because it still preserves the line of descent. Also, names tended to be repeated (sons named after grandfathers, etc) and names may be spelled differently when they are translated from Hebrew into English.

David’s Family Tree

Relationship to David: Name(s) – Scripture References

Great-grandparents: Boaz & Ruth – Ruth 2:1; Ruth 4:17-22; Matthew 1:5

Grandfather: Obed – Ruth 4:17-22

Father: Jessie – Ruth 4:17-22; 1Samuel 16:1; 1Samuel 17:12

Half/sister:* Abigail, daughter of Nahash* – 2Samuel 17:25; 1Chronicles 2:12-17

Nephew: Amasa, son of Abigail – 2Samuel 17:25; 1Chronicles 2:12-17.

Half/sister*: Zeruiah, daughter of Nahash* – 2Samuel 17:25; 1Chronicles 2:12-17.

Nephews: Asahel, Abishai, Joab sons of Zeruiah – 2 Samuel 2:18; 1Chronicles 2:12-17

*Who is Nahash? Options:

  • David’s mother could have been married to Nahash before marrying Jessie, and had Abigail and Zeruiah with him, making them David’s half-sisters.
  • Nahash could be another name for David’s father in which case Abigail and Zeruiah are full sisters.
  • Nahash could be the name of David’s mother, Jesse’s wife (though Nahash does not appear to be a female name).

David’s Wives

Michal – No children

These children were born in Hebron ( 1Chronicles 3:1-4)

Ahinoam had Amnon, 1st son

Abigail had Daniel (Chileab), 2nd son

Maacah had Absalom 3rd son, and Tamar (Absalom’s sister)

Haggith had Adonijah, 4th son

Abital had Shephatiah, 5th son

Egiah had Ithream, 6th son

These children were born in Jerusalem (1Chronicles 3:5-9)

Bathsheba had Shimea (Shammua), Shobab, Nathan, and Solomon.

Mother unknown: Ibhar; Elishama (Elishua); Eliphelet (Elpelet); Nogah; Nepheg; Japhia; Elishama; Eliada (Beeliada); Eliphelet.

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