King Saul’s Family Tree

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King Saul’s Family Tree, based on what we know from Scripture

From my research, skipping names was common practice in genealogies both in the gospels and in secular records of ancient kings. Jumping from grandfather to grandson still preserves the line of descent. Also, names tended to be repeated (sons named after grandfathers, etc) and names may be spelled differently when they are translated from Hebrew into English.

This is a work in progress.  Please contact me if you find errors, omissions or broken links.

Saul’s Parents & Grandparents

Abiel (Jeiel) and his wife, Maacah, had 10 sons including Kish & Ner (1Chronicles 9:35-44; 1Chronicles 8:29-34).

Ner, son of Abiel fathered Kish & Abner (1Chronicles 9:39; 1Samuel 14:49-52).

Kish, son of Ner* fathered Saul (1Chronicles 9:35-44; 1Chronicles 8:29-34; 1Samuel 14:49-52).

*Ner has a brother named Kish (1Chronicles 9:36). However, in 1Chronicles 8:33 and 1Chronicles 9:39, Ner is clearly the father of Kish. Thus Abner is Saul’s uncle (1Samuel 14:50-51). Most likely there were two men named Kish, one being Ner’s brother and the other his son.

Saul’s Family

Grandfather Ner (1Samuel 14:50-51).

Father Kish, son of Ner (1Samuel 9:1-2; 1Samuel 14:50-51).

Uncle Abner, son of Ner (1Samuel 14:50-51).

Wife Ahinoam (1Samuel 14:50).

Children of Saul & Ahinoam (1Chronicles 9:39; 1Samuel 14:49):

  • Jonathan
  • Ishvi (Abinadab)
  • Malchi-Shua
  • Ish-bosheth (Esbaal)
  • Merab (daughter)
  • Michal (daughter; David’s wife)

Grandson Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan (2Samuel 21:7)

Concubine Rizpah (2Samuel 3:7).

Children of Saul & Rizpah (2Samuel 21:8):

  • Armoni
  • Mephibosheth

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