December 2021 Reflections

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We have some really interesting passages left in the Sermon on on the Mount: store up treasures in heaven; do not be anxious about your life; don’t throw pearls to the pigs; seek and you will find; the golden rule and not everyone who says “Lord Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven. We’ll cover those in January-February.

Thanks to all of you who’ve listened through this series! I’ve learned a great deal and hope you have too. I plan to take a break from Matthew, but I’m not sure what book to tackle next. My study wish list is quite long!

Reply with your suggestions for future studies. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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December 2021 podcasts

34 Matthew 6:12-15 The Lord’s Prayer: Forgiveness

It’s not surprising that we find forgiveness in the Lord’s prayer. For believers neither sin nor mercy are hypothetical concepts. We should be staggered by the power and beauty of mercy as proclaimed to us on the cross because we have been forgiven so great a debt.

35 Matthew 6:13 The Lord’s Prayer: Temptation

This last request is not to avoid the choice posed by temptation. This request is to be preserved through the choice. Father, do not let me fall into temptation to my doom.

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