How do I find God’s will?

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How do I find God’s will?

One of the first questions new believers confront is: how do I find God’s will for my life? It’s a lot easier thank you think, if you avoid the bad advice and focus on the teaching of Scripture.

01 Understanding God’s Will – for you

The popular method of finding God’s will (“finding the dot”) contrasted with the Biblical method (the way of wisdom).

02 Understanding God’s Will – in the church

A look at Miriam and how we go wrong when we focus on who gets the glory rather than doing good.

03 Understanding God’s Will – in the world

A look at Barnabus who changed the world because he was focused on doing good rather than obtaining glory.

01 When God calls: Burn your ox 1Kings 19:19-21; 2Kings 2:1-18

When God called Elisha to be succeed the prophet Elijah, Elisha was a farmer with no apparent qualifications. Yet Elisha burned his ox and followed. Then Elisha refused to leave his mentor’s side, humbly asking that God equip him for the journey ahead.

02 When God calls: Rethink greatness 2Kings 5

How do you accomplish great things for the kingdom of God and quiet that inner voice that says whatever you’re doing, it’s not enough? In 2Kings 5, we see a series of contrasts between how the world measures greatness and God measures greatness.

03 When God calls: but I’m afraid 2Kings 6

What if God has called me to something and I’m just plain afraid to follow? What if the path He has put before me seems too frightening or overwhelming?

The High Calling of Playing Second Fiddle

Though he is uncelebrated by history, without Barnabas — you could argue — there would have been no Apostle Paul, no John Mark and no Gospel of Mark.

Why calling does not begin with marriage

Does God have a “one-plan-fits-all” calling for women: marry, conceive children, raise children and become a grandmother? No, single, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, grandmother are all roles you play at various stages of God’s plan for your life. No matter what your age, role or marital status, every day is part of God’s plan for you.

02 Jeremiah 1:4-19 What does God want from me?

What does God want from us? God wants each of us to live in relationship with him so that we might bring life to others.

08 Jeremiah 20:7-18 Why is life so hard?

We all come to a place at one time or another where we ask the question, “Why is my life so hard? Why do I have to endure this particular problem or experience this pain or go through this situation?” In Jeremiah 20:7-19, we see Jeremiah reach that place. He hits rock bottom and cries out asking, why his life was so hard.

11 Jeremiah 29:1-14 What’s there to do in Babylon?

Jeremiah 29:1-14 is addressed to people from Jerusalem who have already been deported to Babylon but before Jerusalem itself has been completely destroyed. These people want to escape.  They want the exile to end and they want to get back home.  Jeremiah write the letter in this chapter to set them straight.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t tell them how to escape; instead he tells them how to endure.  What do we do while we await the not-yet? What’s there to do in Babylon?

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Godliness

This seminar examines the 7 stages of calling to give you the tools to determine what God is calling you to after college.

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Text: Finding the Will of God by Bruce Waltke

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