Why is life so hard?

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Why is life so hard? The Bible has a lot to say about suffering and trials and the problem of evil. Here are a few places to start exploring answers from Scripture.

08 Jeremiah 20:7-18 Why is life so hard?

We all come to a place at one time or another where we ask the question, “Why is my life so hard? Why do I have to endure this particular problem or experience this pain or go through this situation?” In Jeremiah 20:7-19, we see Jeremiah reach that place. He hits rock bottom and cries out asking, why his life was so hard.

02 1 Peter 1:1-13 Understanding Our Living Hope

In the field of psychology, “locus of control” refers to the extent to which a person believes they can control the world around them. People with a strong internal locus of control tend to attribute the outcome of events to factors under their own control. People with a strong external locus of control attribute outcomes of events to external circumstances. But both have a perspective which influences and predicts their actions. The book of 1 Peter is about that big perspective. In a sense, Peter is writing to explain a “gospel locus of control.”

03 1 Peter 1:14-25 Hope makes a difference

Peter explains that the gospel gives us a living hope that ought change every aspect of our lives. Just as the Olympic athletes change their values, their goals, their actions, their words and their daily routines in light of their Olympic goals, so the gospel ought to change us.

02 James 1:1-8 Why does God test our faith?

James insists the gospel is so valuable that we should be willing to face whatever life brings and rejoice that we stand to inherit so great a treasure. To be able to rejoice in my trials is to understand the value of the gospel in a real and practical way.

03 James 1:9-18 Who is better off: the rich or the poor?

The poor believer will be exalted. The rich unbeliever will be humiliated. It may seem the other way around right now, but if you understand the gospel, it should change your perspective.

15 What does it mean to carry your cross, Luke 14:25-35

Jesus said whoever does not bear his own cross cannot be his disciple. This passage can be terrifying because Jesus makes strong claims about hating your family and your own life. If we claim to follow Jesus, then we need to know exactly what he’s requiring to be his disciple.

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