May 2020 Reflections

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The 47th and final talk in 1Corinthians was my 501st podcast. Many thanks to those who listened to the whole series! 1Corinthians is the textbook case for understanding context. Listen to my “1Corinthians Final Thoughts” to understand why this is a profoundly important claim about the way we approach the Bible.

After a short break, I plan to launch a NEW topical study (something I rarely do): “Who is the Holy Spirit?” This series should take us through the summer and then who knows what we’ll tackle in the fall. I’m open to suggestions.


45 1Corinthians 15:29-49 Sown in dishonor, raised in glory

Paul answers an objection to the resurrection raised by his opponents with three comparisons: a seed versus the plant it becomes; Adam who brought death versus Christ who brings life; and natural life now versus transformed life in the kingdom of God.

46 1Corinthians 15:50-58 The end of death

Paul argues that death is a bigger problem than we think because it is more than the end of our earthly life. It is the doorway to judgment. But God will give us mercy in judgment and victory over death because of Jesus Christ.

47 1Corinthians 16 Final Thoughts

In the business end of the letter, Paul explains his travel plans and gives his final admonitions. We’ll also reflect on two important themes we learned from the letter as a whole.

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“Has God said?” The role of personal revelation in Bible teaching

Bible Study 101: Procedure

Bible Study 101: Interpretation

My remaining 2020 goals is to pass 150,000 downloads (currently 129,585). 

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