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You’re probably aware that many classic commentaries are free online, but did you know many modern commentaries (written after 1970) are also online? While makes these resources freely available, please note:

  • to check out books you must create a free account with;
  • they do not allow copy and paste;
  • they can be checked out only for one hour at a time (but they can immediately be re-checked out when your hour expires.

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Study Bibles

Study Bibles

Disciple’s Study Bible: New international version 

Harper Study Bible : the Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version

HCSB Study Bible : Holman Christian Standard Bible (2010) 2360 pages.

Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible : New international version

ESV study Bible 

Life Application Study Bible: Old Testament and New Testament: New Living Translation.

NIV Archaeological Study Bible (2005) 2360 pages  (also Archaeology and the Bible – OT and NT)

NIV Celebrate Recovery Study Bible

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible. Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture (2017)

NIV Study Bible (1995) 2250 pages. This is the first edition, not the 2020 revision.

NKJV Study Bible: New King James Version Study Bible (formerly “The Nelson Study Bible – NKJV”) (1997, 2007); 

The Apologetics Study Bible Understand Why You Believe by Norman Geisler

The David Jeremiah Study Bible – (2013) 2208 pages. 

The Defender’s Study Bible : King James Version by Morris, Henry M.

The Experiencing God Study Bible: the Bible for knowing and doing the will of God (1996) 1968 pages

The Hebrew-Greek key study Bible : New American standard study by Strong, James, 1822-1894.

The Holman Illustrated Study Bible

The Jewish Study Bible – Only OT

The King James Study Bible Second Edition (2013) (Thomas Nelson) 

The Living Insights Study Bible : New International Version – Charles Swindoll.

The MacArthur study Bible – John MacArthur.

The New Inductive Study Bible : updated New American Standard Bible 

The Student Bible : New International Version

Ryrie Study Bible – Charles Ryrie (1978) 2142 pages.

Ryrie Study Bible Expanded Edition (1994) 2232 pages

Zondervan NIV Study Bible – (2011) 2570 pages 


One Volume Commentaries

Believer’s Bible Commentary – MacDonald, William (1995) 2480 pages.

Compact Bible commentary by Radmacher, Earl D; Allen, Ronald Barclay; House, H Wayne, et al – 954 pages.   

Evangelical Commentary on the Bible – (1989) 1239 pages.

Key Word Commentary : Thoughts on Every Chapter of the Bible by Water, Mark

KJV Bible Commentary – Hindson, Edward E; Kroll, Woodrow Michael.

New Bible Commentary (1994)

The IVP Bible Background Commentary New Testament – Craig S. Keener 

Unger’s Commentary on the Old Testament (Volume 2 – Isaiah – Malachi) (1981) 972 pages.

With the Word – Devotional Commentary – Warren Wiersbe

Wycliffe Bible Commentary (1962) Charles Pfeiffer – 1560 pages

Zondervan King James Version Commentary – New Testament


Bible Handbooks

Bible Handbook and A-Z bible encyclopedia

Eerdmans’ Family Encyclopedia of the Bible (1978) 344 pages

Eerdmans’ Handbook to the Bible (1983) 688 pages 

Halley’s Bible Handbook Henry H. Halley (2000) 2720 pages

Halley’s Bible handbook : an abbreviated Bible commentary  (1965) 872 pages

International Children’s Bible field guide : answering kids’ questions from Genesis to Revelation by Richards, Larry

Kregel Bible handbook : a full-color guide to every book of the Bible by Kerr, William 

Nelson’s Expository Dictionary of the Old Testament by Unger, Merrill 

Nelson’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Bible facts by Packer, J. I. (James Innell); Tenney, Merrill C.

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Manners & Customs : How the People of the Bible Really Lived by Vos, Howard Frederic

New Testament Words – William Barclay

The Bible Knowledge Background Commentary : Matthew-Luke by Evans, Craig A

The Illustrated Guide to Bible Customs & Curiosities by Knight, George W.

The Lion Handbook to the Bible (1999) 822 pages.

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary by Unger, Merrill Frederick, 1909-

The Shaw Pocket Bible Handbook (1984) 408 pages.

Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the New Testament by Wiersbe, Warren W

Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the Old Testament by Wiersbe, Warren W 

J.Sidlow Baxter: Explore The Book Vol. 1 Genesis to Joshua

J.Sidlow Baxter: Explore The Book Vol. 2 Judges to Esther

J.Sidlow Baxter: Explore The Book Vol. 3 Job to Lamentations

J.Sidlow Baxter: Explore The Book Vol. 4 Ezekiel to Malachi

J.Sidlow Baxter: Explore The Book Vol. 5 The Gospels

J.Sidlow Baxter: Explore The Book Vol. 6 Acts to Revelation

Survey of the Bible : introductory insights, background studies, book-by- book survey by Unger, Merrill

The Hodder Bible handbook by Unger, Merrill 

The Parallel New Testament and Unger’s Bible handbook : produced for Moody monthly by Unger, Merrill  (1975) 744 pages 

Today’s Handbook of Bible Times & Customs by Coleman, William L

Tyndale Handbook of Bible charts & maps by Wilson, Neil  

The New Encyclopedia of Christian quotations by Water, Mark

Zondervan Handbook to the Bible

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary – Matthew, Mark, Luke – 552 pages. (2002)

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary – John

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel



Dictionary of the later New Testament & its developments IVP Series

Dictionary of New Testament background IVP Series

Dictionary of Paul and his letters   IVP Series

Dictionary of deities and demons in the Bible (DDD) – 950 pages (1995) . 


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