What’s Your Ministry-Burn-Out Profile?

by | Nov 15, 2011 | 06 Articles, Leadership

Tired Runner

Ministry-burn-out seems to be as pervasive in the church today as oxygen.   The blog-post What’s Your Ministry-Burn-Out Profile?  by Megan Hill is a great place to start thinking and talking about some changes.   Megan Hill is a PCA ‘Preacher’s Kid’ married to Rob Hill who is pastor of St. Paul Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Jackson, MS She and her mom, Patsy Evans, blog at Sunday Women.

At first glance, none of the answers or all of the answers may seem to fit, but look again. You can quickly discern the “type” behind the answer and then figure out which is you.  Your answers diagnose your profile as one of four types:

1) Elijah—you feel like you are the lone person around here on God’s side (2Kings 19:14). A Martha takes this type a step further—you feel like you are the only one who is doing anything for the kingdom of God (Luke 10:38-42).

2) Moses—God’s people sometimes drive you crazy with their immaturity and conflicts (Exodus 32:19, Numbers 11:10-15).

3) John the Baptist—ministry is not turning out to be the success you expected (Luke 7:18-20).

4) Gideon—you doubt your own abilities and gifts. . .and even your very calling to ministry life (Judges 6:15).

Find the quiz and read the full blog post here.