Ministry Preparation Checklist

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July is the time to start preparing for your fall Bible study.  Are you overwhelmed by the details or don’t know where to start?  Assuming your study starts in September, here’s my summer ministry preparation checklist.

July Tasks

  • Finalize dates for study.
  • Finalize dates for leaders meetings. (We typically meet the 2 Wednesdays before the start).
  • Confirm dates with your building or location.
  • Confirm dates with your teacher(s).
  • Begin advertising for childcare workers.
  • Send “mark your calendar” emails to past attenders.
  • Update your website with fall information.
  • Recruit your team, if you haven’t already done so.  (I like to do this is March).
  • Finalize your curriculum with your teacher(s) if you haven’t already done so.  (I like to do this in April or May.)
  • Update your registration form.

August Tasks

  • Start registration.
  • Update your website with registration links.
  • Send email to past attenders with the registration link.
  • Contact your church about announcements in the bulletin.
  • Post registration information to your Facebook group or other social media groups.
  • Finalize your homework/study guide, so it’s ready for your leaders meetings. (This may include ordering books or printing what your teacher(s) produced.)
  • Buy supplies for the study.  For example, name tag badges, name tag inserts, sharpies & pens for name tags and registration, assorted teas, coffee, sugar, creamer, etc.
  • Check with your location about keys, room use, kitchen/nurseries policies, and any parking or building policies.
  • Prepare for leaders meetings.

 Leaders Meetings/Orientation

Questions to help you plan:

  1. What are my leaders needs? (spiritual, emotional, informational, practical)?
  2. How can I meet those needs during our leader time?
  3. How can we pray for them both inside and outside of leader time?
  4. What do they need to do their jobs well and how can I equip them?

Example leaders meeting agenda:

  1. Introduce yourselves and get to know each other (this can take 1/2 of 1 meeting).
  2. Review building policies for your location (keys, parking, prohibited food, set up/clean up, equipment, supply storage, etc.)
  3. Hand out any forms (see below) and make sure leaders understand how to use them.
  4. Sign up for duties and refreshments for first day.
  5. Discuss any policy issues (childcare, format, announcements, group guidelines, etc.) as needed
  6. Plan for the opening day (registration, greeters, food, decorations, signs, etc).
  7. Learn how to use/set up sound equipment.
  8. Plan for small groups.
  9. Pray for the study.

Forms you may need:

Sample Opening Day Format:

9:15-10:00 – Registration & Food
10:00-10:30 – Welcome and ice breakers
10:30-11:15 – Lecture
11:15-11:30 – Closing announcements
Jobs to fill:  registration, greeters, set up/clean up, decorations

Sample Normal Day Format:

9:00-9:15 – Coffee & nursery check in
9:15-9:30 – Welcome and ice breakers
9:30-10:15 – Large Group lecture
10:15-10:30 – Break
11:30-11:30 – Small Groups
Jobs to fill:  greeters, set up/clean up

Please email me and let me know how this worked for you or ways you changed and improved it.

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