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Parousia conveys the thought of an arrival (advent or coming) of a person to a place plus the idea of their presence at that place until a certain event transpires. The word parousia has no English equivalent and therefore is often transliterated in writings.

Strong’s number: G3952

Greek Lexical Dictionary: Strong’s #3952 – παρουσία

Greek Word: παρουσία, ας, ἡ

Part of Speech: noun, feminie

Transliteration: parousia

Phonetic Spelling: par-oo-see’-ah

Quick Definition: a presence, a coming

Usage: (a) presence, (b) a coming, an arrival, advent, especially of the second coming of Christ. parousía is “used in the east as a technical expression for the royal visit of a king, or emperor. The word means literally ‘the being beside,’ thus, ‘the personal presence’ “

Etymology: from the pres. part. of pareimi; a combination of two Greek words para = with, alongside + ousia = being (ousia is the participial form of the verb eimi = to be) which together literally mean to be alongside.

NASB Translation: coming (22), presence (2).

New Testament usage: coming, parousia G3952

24 times in the New Testament; Not used in the Septuagint

Mat 24:3; Mat 24:27; Mat 24:37; Mat 24:39; 1Co 15:23; 1Co 16:17; 2Co 7:6; 2Co 7:7; 2Co 10:10; Php 1:26; Php 2:12; 1Th 2:19; 1Th 3:13; 1Th 4:15; 1Th 5:23; 2Th 2:1; 2Th 2:8; 2Th 2:9; Jas 5:7; Jas 5:8; 2Pe 1:16; 2Pe 3:4; 2Pe 3:12; 1Jn 2:28.

Englishman’s Concordance: παρουσία (parousia)

Lexicons: coming, parousia G3952

Thayer’s G3952:

  1. presence
  2. the coming, arrival, advent
    1. the future visible return from heaven of Jesus, to raise the dead, hold the last judgment, and set up formally and gloriously the kingdom of God

Strong’s G3952: From the present participle of G3918; a being near, that is, advent (often, return; specifically of Christ to punish Jerusalem, or finally the wicked); (by implication) physical aspect: – coming, presence.

Mounce G3952: presence; coming, advent; in the NT usually of the second coming of the Son of Man, arriving as a conquering king

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Hebrew Equivalent Word:

PreceptsAustin: parousia

Reference Works: coming, parousia G3952

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