February 2022 Reflections

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In February we finished the first 7 chapters of Matthew’s gospel, which completed the Sermon on the Mount. After 4 weeks on the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, we’ll start on new series on 1&2 Thessalonians, before returning to Matthew.

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New Resources

I am adding a new series of resources called “Start Here.”  The goal is to point new believers to passages that answer the typical questions we face after coming to faith.  The idea is not simply to give answers, but show how those answers come from Scripture. There are 4 in the series so far: 

February Podcasts

40 Matthew 7:7-11 Seek and you will find

Ask God for the life He has promised and you will receive it. Seek the good things that He has promised and you will find them. Knock on the door to the kingdom of heaven and it will open to you. These words are powerful because of the difficult battle they represent. Believing and acting on these promises is the central struggle of the Christian life.

41 Matthew 7:12-29 The Golden Rule and the 2 Roads

Matthew 7:12-29 summarizes two great themes we’ve seen in this sermon: 1) You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 2) There is a road that seems right to us, but it leads to destruction.

01 Habakkuk Introduction

The Old Testament book of Habakkuk speaks to two of the most fundamental questions of the Christian faith: 1) How long will God let His people suffer? and 2) Why should we keep believing Him if we’re not spared the tragedies of life?

02 Habakkuk 1:1-2:1 Habakkuk Complains

Habakkuk asks the Lord one of the most fundamental questions of faith: How long will you let your people suffer? The Lord answers, but not the way Habakkuk expects.

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