July 2022 Reflections

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As we continue studying the miracles recorded in Matthew 8-9, watch for how the miracles both point backward to the prophets (e.g. Isaiah 35:3-6) and ahead to the fullness of the promise to come.

We’ll finish the miracle stories in August and then I’m taking another short study break. My family got COVID. Thankfully, it was a mild flu or a bad cold for us and we are all fine now. But I lost a couple weeks of study time and I need to catch up.

Thanks for listening!

July Podcasts

46 Matthew 8:28-34 Demons & Pigs

When Jesus heals the demoniacs, we learn Jesus has God-given authority over the powers of darkness and evil.  In the last podcast, we saw that Jesus has God-given authority over the power of nature.  Together they build the case that Jesus is the Messiah.

47 Matthew 9:1-8 Jesus heals the paralytic

Jesus demonstrates that he has authority from God to forgive sins by calling upon the power of God to heal the paralytic. In addition to the faith of the paralytic, the miracles support our faith by demonstrating that God has given Jesus authority.

48 Matthew 9:9-13 Eating with sinners

Jesus sat and ate among the tax collectors with the message, repent for the kingdom of God is at hand and that is a message we do well to share. The most loving thing we can do is to help people deal with their real problem. 

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