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In these stories, Jesus challenges the religious culture and practices of the Pharisees, not the Old Testament. His understanding is so fundamentally incompatible with the Pharisees that if he tried to reform their their views, he would only destroy them. Listen: 49 Matthew 9:14-17 Fasting, cloth & wine skins

Jesus asked, “Who touched me?”  In a metaphorical way, he asks it still. You can try to touch his robe and then run away. But if you do, you’re missing the greatest gift of all: salvation. Listen: 50 Matthew 9:18-26 The bleeding woman

Death should no longer command fear and power over us, because we follow a savior with authority over death, as we see in the raising of Jairus’s daughter. Listen: 51 Matthew 9:18-26 Jairus’s daughter

In these last two miracles, Matthew foreshadows the growing conflict with the Pharisees. While the crowds are excited and amazed, the Pharisees reject Jesus as working with the devil. Ultimately the unbelief of the Jewish leadership is going to be a crucial part of the story. Listen 52 Matthew 9:27-34 Blind & mute

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