repent, metanoeō, G3440

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metanoeō, repent

Strong’s number: G3340

Greek Lexical Dictionary: Strong’s #3340 – μετανοέω

Greek Word: μετανοέω

Part of speech: verb

Transliteration: metanoeō

Phonetic spelling: met-an-o-eh’-o

Quick Definition: repent

Usage: to think differently or afterwards, that is, reconsider (morally to feel compunction): – repent.

Etymoloy: from (meta 3326 with, among, after) and (noeo 3539 to think)

NASB Trranslation: repent (26), repented (5), repents (3).

New Testament Usage

metanoeo – 34x in the New Testament

Mat 3:2; Mat 4:17; Mat 11:20; Mat 11:21; Mat 12:41; Mar 1:15; Mar 6:12; Luk 10:13; Luk 11:32; Luk 13:3; Luk 13:5; Luk 15:7; Luk 15:10; Luk 16:30; Luk 17:3; Luk 17:4; Act 2:38; Act 3:19; Act 8:22; Act 17:30; Act 26:20; 2Co 12:21; Rev 2:5 (2x); Rev 2:16; Rev 2:21 (2x); Rev 2:22; Rev 3:3; Rev 3:19; Rev 9:20; Rev 9:21; Rev 16:9; Rev 16:11.

metanoeo – 18x in the Septuagint (LXX)

1Sa 15:29; Pro 20:25; Pro 24:32; Pro 30:1; Isa 46:8; Jer 4:28; Jer 8:6; Jer 18:8; Jer 18:10; Jer 38:19; Joe 2:13; Joel 2:14; Amos 7:3; Amos 7:6; Jon 3:9; Jon 3:10; Jon 4:2; Zec 8:14.

Many of the OT passages use metanoeo in the context of God “relenting” from something.

Englishman’s Concordance: μετανοέω


Thayers 3340: to change one’s mind, i.e. to repent; to change one’s mind for better, heartily to amend with abhorrence of one’s past sins

Strongs 3340: to think differently or afterwards, that is, reconsider (morally to feel compunction): – repent.

Mounce 3340: to repent, to change any or all of the elements composing one’s life: attitude, thoughts, and behaviors concerning the demands of God for right living

Related words: metanoia (3314; noun; repentance);

Hebrew Equivalent words: Strong #: 5162 (נָחַם naw‑kham);  7725 (שׁוּב shoob);  

PreceptsAustin: repent/metanoeo; repentance/metanoia

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