24 Romans 16 Paul’s Roman Yearbook

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Compare Romans 16, Paul’s conclusion of his letter to the Christians in Rome, to a high school yearbook. During the high school years, we are supposed to learn skills, knowledge, and an approach to life that will get us launched into adulthood. The book of Romans also records truths that should be foundational building blocks for life, the essentials upon which we ought to build our lives.

The high school yearbook is the history of the events, ideas, and accomplishments that took place during the year, but it also contains a collection of handwritten names, greetings, memories, and thoughts about life. We find at the end of the book of Romans some very personal words, too.

These first individuals Paul mentions represent two groups which emerge in the list of names.  Phoebe represents the group of people whose origins are in Corinth where Paul is staying for three months and writing this letter.  She was from the church in Cenchrea, which was the port of Corinth, located about nine miles east of the city.    Priscilla and Aquila represent the people in Rome, to whom the letter is addressed.

One of the characteristics of the entire list of names is its variety.  Contrary to the culture of the day, men and women are named together in their ministries, their friendship, and their impact on the world they live in.   We find further variety in the combination of slaves and high government officials, couples and singles, Jews and Gentiles, and homeowners and itinerants.

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