self-control, egkrateia, G1466

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Strong’s number: G1466

Greek Lexical Dictionary: Strong’s #1466 – ἐγκράτεια

Greek Word: ἐγκράτεια, ας, ἡ

Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine

Transliteration: egkrateia

Phonetic Spelling: (eng-krat’-i-ah)

Quick Definition: mastery, self-control

Usage: self-mastery, self-restraint, self-control, continence.

Etymology: from 1722 /en, “in the sphere of” and 2904 /krátos, “dominion, mastery”)

NASB Translation: self-control (4).

New Testament Usage

3x: Act 24:25; Gal 5:23; 2Pe 1:6.

No uses in LXX

Englishman’s concordance: ἐγκράτεια (egkrateia)


Thayers G1466: self-control (the virtue of one who masters his desires and passions, esp. his sensual appetites)

Strongs G1466: From G1468; self control (especially continence): – temperance.

Mounce G1466: self-control

Related Words: G1467 (verb); G1468 (adj);

Hebrew equivalent words:

Precepts Austin: egkrateia


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