tutor, paidagógos, G3807

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Strong’s number: G3807

Greek Lexical Dictionary: Strong’s #3807 – παιδαγωγός

Greek Word: παιδαγωγός, οῦ, ὁ

Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine

Transliteration: paidagógos

Phonetic Spelling: (pahee-dag-o-gos’)

Quick Definition: a trainer of boys, a tutor

Usage: a boy’s guardian or tutor, a slave who had charge of the life and morals of the boys of a family, not strictly a teacher.

Etymology: from pais and agó; (paidagogos from  país = a  child under development by strict instruction + agōgós =a leader from ágō  = to lead)

NASB Translation: tutor (2), tutors (1).

New Testament Usage

3X in the New Testament: 1Co 4:15; Gal 3:24; Gal 3:25.

not used in the Septuagint.

Englishman’s concordance: παιδαγωγός (paidagógos)


Thayers G3807: a tutor i.e. a guardian and guide of boys. Among the Greeks and the Romans the name was applied to trustworthy slaves who were charged with the duty of supervising the life and morals of boys belonging to the better class. The boys were not allowed so much as to step out of the house without them before arriving at the age of manhood.

Strongs G3807: From G3816 and a reduplication form of G71; a boy leader, that is, a servant whose office it was to take the children to school; (by implication [figuratively] a tutor [“paedagogue”]): – instructor, schoolmaster.

Mounce G3807: guardian, custodian, supervisor

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Hebrew equivalent words:

Precepts Austin: paidagogos 

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