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  • Ezekiel was the son of a priest who lived as an exile in Babylon.
  • Ezekiel was 25 years old at the time of the exile (assuming the thirty years of Ezek 1:1 refers to his age).
  • He was 30 years old when he begin his prophetic ministry in the 5th year of Jehoiachin’s exile (592 BC).
  • His ministry dates from 592-570 BC, during the first phase of the Babylonian captivity.
  • He lived in his own house in exile, at Tel Abib on the Great Canal (Ezek 3:15). If the river Kebar can be identified with Babylonian naru kabari, his house was located between Babylon and Nippur, in one of the Jewish colonies that the Babylonians had transplanted from Judah.
  • Ezekiel means “God strengthens” or the “strength of God.”


  • 1:1-3:27 – Ezekiel sees the glory and receives the call
  • 4:1-24:27 – Judgments against Judah; Fate of Judah Before the siege (593 BC – 588 BC)
  • 25:1-32:32 – Judgments against Nations; Foes of Judah during the siege (587-586 BC)
  • 33:1-39:29 – Restoration of Israel; Future of Judah after the siege (586-571 BC)
  • 40:1-48:35 – Visions of the Temple

Timeline of the Exile

  • 722 BC – Northern kingdom taken into captivity in Assyria
  • 612 BC – Babylonians and Medes conquer Assyria
  • 605 BC – Babylonians battle Egyptians at Carchemish; Nebuchadnezzar becomes king of Babylon; The Babylonians invade Judah; First wave of deportation of Jews to Babylon; Daniel is taken captive and begins to prophesy
  • 601 BC – Babylonians battle Egypt, both sides suffer losses; Judah decides to realign itself with Egypt
  • 597 BC -Jehoachin becomes king of Judah; Babylonians capture Jerusalem; Second wave of deportation to Babylon from Judah; Ezekiel is taken captive to Babylon; Zedekiah becomes king of Judah
  • 593 BC -Ezekiel begins to prophesy
  • 586 BC -The Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and the Temple; Jerusalem’s walls and gates are burned with fire; Third wave of Jews deported to Babylon and the Babylonian Exile begins

Time line of Ezekiel from BibleHub

  • 593 BC – Ezekiels’ first vision
  • 593 BC – Ezekiel’s Prophecy at Chebar, Ezekiel 1
  • 593 BC – Ezekiel’s Calling and Instruction, Ezekiel 2
  • 593 BC – Ezekiel Eats the Scroll, Ezekiel 3
  • 593 BC – Ezekiel Foretells Siege of Jerusalem, Ezekiel 4-5
  • 593 BC – Ezekiel’s Vision of the End, Ezekiel 6-7
  • 592 BC – Ezekiel’s First Temple Vision, Ezekiel 8-19
  • 591 BC – Ezekiel Sees God Refuse the Elders, Ezekiel 20
  • 591 BC – Ezekiel Prophesies against Jerusalem, Ezekiel 21-22
  • 591 BC – Ezekiel Prophesies against two Sisters, Ezekiel 23
  • 588 BC – Siege of Jerusalem Begins, Ezekiel 24
  • 587 BC – God’s Vengeance on Ammon and Edom, Ezekiel 25
  • 586 BC – Fall of Jerusalem/Temple destroyed
  • 586 BC – Ezekiel Pronounces Judgment on Tyre, Ezekiel 26-28
  • 586 BC – Ezekiel Prophesies against Egypt, Ezekiel 29-32
  • 586 BC – Ezekiel the Watchman, Ezekiel 33
  • 585 BC – Ezekiel Explains Jerusalem’s Fall, Ezekiel 33:21
  • 585 BC – Ezekiel Foresees Reproof and Restoration, Ezekiel 34-36
  • 585 BC – Ezekiel Sees Resurrection of Dry Bones, Ezekiel 37
  • 585 BC – Ezekiel Sees Future battle, Ezekiel 38
  • 585 BC -Ezekiel Sees God’s judgment upon Gog, Ezekiel 39
  • 573 BC – Ezekiel’s Second Temple Vision, Ezekiel 40-48

Dated Messages in Ezekiel

  1. Eze 1:1-3 – June/July 593 BC; Call to prophetic of his ministry
  2. Eze 8:1 – Aug/Sept 592 BC; The vision of temple abominations
  3. Eze 20:1 – July/Aug 591 BC; Response to the elders’ inquiry
  4. Eze 24:1 – Dec/Jan 589/588 BC; Jerusalem’s judgment
  5. Eze 26:1 – March/April 587/586; Judgment on Tyre
  6. Eze 29:1 – Dec/Jan 588/587; Judgment on Egypt
  7. Eze 29:17 – April 571; Judgment on Egypt (the latest date in Ezekiel)
  8. Eze 30:20 – March/April 587; Pharaoh’s defeat
  9. Eze 31:1 – June 21 587; Pharaoh’s final defeat
  10. Eze 32:1 – March 3 585; Lament over Pharaoh
  11. Eze 32:17 – April 585; Funeral dirge for Pharaoh & description of Sheol
  12. Eze 33:21 – Dec/Jan 586/585: Jerusalem’s fall
  13. Eze 40:1 – April 28 573: Temple vision

Genre: Understanding Prophecy

Section 1: Background


Introduction to the Prophets

Introduction to the Exile and Return

Chart: Bible History at a glance

Chart: Kings of Israel & Judah

Hebrew Calendar

Blue Letter Bible: Old Testament Timeline

Biblehub: Ezekiel Chronology

Biblehub: The Divided Kingdom

Bible Atlas: Assyria

Bible Atlas: Babylon

Bible Atlas: Jerusalem

Biblehub: Timeline of Ezekiel

Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament

Timeline of the Babylonian Captivity

Ray Stedman: Overview: Ezekiel: Wheels, Bones, and Restoration

John MacArthur: Ezekiel Introduction

NIV: Introduction to Ezekiel

ESV: Introduction to Ezekiel

ESV: The Global Message of Ezekiel

James van Dine: Analysis of Ezekiel

David Malick: An Introduction to the Book of Ezekiel

JVernon McGee: Ezekiel – Notes and Outlines

William Orr: Key to Ezekiel

Charles Swindoll: Book of Ezekiel Overview

Section 2: Maps

Ezekiel Map – PreceptsAustin

Section 3: Key Words

Key Words

  • Son of man, covenant, vision (s), glory, Spirit (spirit), know that I am the Lord, iniquity, rebelled (rebellious), wrath, heart, harlot (harlotries, adultery, adulteries, adulteress).

Section 4: Encyclopedias

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary: Ezekiel, Theology of

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: Ezekiel

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica: Ezekiel

Kitto’s Popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature: Ezekiel

The Jewish Encyclopedia: Ezekiel

McClintock and Strong: Ezekiel ; Ezekiel, Book Of

Fausset Bible Dictionary: Ezekiel

Holman Bible Dictionary: Ezekiel

Bridgeway Bible Dictionary: Ezekiel

Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible: Ezekiel

Hitchcock’s Bible names: Ezekiel means strength of God

Section 5: Commentaries

Commentaries & Study Bibles

Ezekiel – The Top Five Commentaries – Ligonier – Keith Mathison

Best Commentaries on Ezekiel – Tim Challies

Commentary Reviews: Ezekiel

Biblehub Commentaries: Ezekiel

Calvin’s Commentary on the Bible: Ezekiel

Matthew Henry: Ezekiel

Albert Barnes Notes: Ezekiel

Reformation Study Bible Notes: Ezekiel

Geneva Study Bible: Ezekiel

Precept Austin Commentaries & Sermons: Ezekiel

Try to find the works of Dr. Erika Moore on Ezekiel. She is working on an Ezekiel commentary (not yet published as I post this). If you have a chance to hear her speak in person, take it — especially if she is speaking on Ezekiel.

Erika Moore Chapel Sermon on Ezekiel 33

What Exactly did Ezekiel See? – Video lecture

Section 6: Articles


Isaiah 23, Ezekiel 26 Proclaiming the Future: History and Theology in Prophecies Against Tyre – Thomas Renz.

Rethinking Ezekiel’s Invasion By Gog — J. Paul Tanner

Beyond The Grave: Ezekiel’s Vision Of Death And Afterlife – Daniel I. Block

Rosh- An Ancient Land Known to Ezekiel- James Price

Diglossia, Revelation and Ezekiel’s Inaugural Rite (Ezekiel 1-3) – Daniel Fredericks.

A Vision of God in Ezekiel 1:1-20 – Mark Dever

Commentary on the Vision of Ezekiel, Introductory to His Prophecy – Professor Havernick (Nov, 1848)

The Glory Of YHWH In The Old Testament With Special Attention To The Book Of Ezekiel — Pieter de Vries.

Beyond The Grave: Ezekiel’s Vision Of Death And Afterlife — Daniel I. Block

The Prophet Of The Spirit: The Use Of Rwh (Ruwach)̣ In The Book Of Ezekiel — Daniel I. Block

Ezekiel’s Vision of Israel’s Restoration—Part 1 (Ezekiel 37) — Merrill F. Unger

Ezekiel’s Vision of Israel’s Restoration—Part 2 (Ezekiel 37) — Merrill F. Unger.

Ezekiel’s Vision of Israel’s RestorationPart 3 — Merrill F. Unger

Ezekiel’s Prophecy of the Temple – Randall Price

Ezekiel 26:1-14- A Proof Text For Inerrancy or Fallibility of The Old Testament? – Paul Ferguson

Section 7: Got Questions


Book of Ezekiel – Bible Survey

What are the Major Prophets and Minor Prophets?

What should we learn from the life of Ezekiel?

What were the wheels in Ezekiel 1?

What does the Bible mean when it says that we will receive a new heart?

Is the king of Tyre prophecy in Ezekiel 28 referring to Satan?

What are Gog and Magog?

What is the meaning of the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37?

What does the Bible mean when it refers to the four winds?

Will there be animal sacrifices during the millennial kingdom?

How, why, and when did Satan fall from heaven?

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