October 2020 Reflections

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October was a big month for Wednesday in the Word! We reached the culmination of the podcast series on the Holy Spirit (#8). This is the podcast where we put it all together.

I finished resource pages for EVERY book of the Bible; I finished the “quotations” pages, compiling all the places where Scripture quotes Scripture. And I need less than 7,000 downloads to reach my goal of 150,000 downloads of the podcast.

We have two more podcasts in the series on the Holy Spirit. Then we have some special guest teachers before we break for the holidays and return with a new series. Thanks for listening and welcome to the many new subscribers!! I’m glad to have you along.


05 Holy Spirit in the Old Testament: Prophets

Most of the Old Testament references to the Holy Spirit involve his work empowering the leaders of Israel to protect the nation. But a second way we see the Spirit of God working in the Old Testament is giving revelation to the prophets. 

06 Holy Spirit in the Old Testament: A New Heart

Like the New Testament, the Old Testament speaks about the need for God to spiritually renew us and change our hearts; And, like the New Testament, the Old Testament associates this spiritual renewal with the Spirit of God. But there is only one really clear Old Testament passage on this topic.

07 Holy Spirit Pledge and Seal: Ephesians 1:13-23

Paul describes believers as sealed with the Holy Spirit. A seal fulfills a past promise and pledges a future inheritance. A King’s seal had a three-fold purpose: 1) to guarantee authenticity, 2) to name the rightful owner, and 3) to protect from being tampered with or harmed.

08 Holy Spirit Pledge and Seal: Romans 5:1-5

This series has been building to this podcast. In this podcast we put it altogether. As a new believer, I thought the Holy Spirit was like the “force” in Star Wars: something I had to access to find success. Paul has a different view in this passage. The Holy Spirit is the active love of God intervening to make us people who will persevere in faith.

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My remaining 2020 goal is to pass 150,000 downloads (currently 143,681).

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