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  • Author: Prophet Malachi
  • Date: Most likely during Nehemiah’s return to Persia (c. 433-424 BC).
  • Malachi marks the beginning of God’s 400 years of prophetic silence broken by John the Baptist.

Genre: Understanding Prophecy

Section 1: Background


Introduction to the Prophets

Introduction to the Exile & Return

Chart: Bible History at a glance

Chronology Ezra-Nehemiah

Blue Letter Bible: Old Testament Timeline

Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament

Bible Atlas: Persia

Bible Atlas: Babylon

Bible Atlas: Babylonia

Bible Atlas: Jerusalem

Hebrew Calendar

Timeline of the Babylonian Captivity

Minor Prophets Quotes in the NT List of the Kings of Persia

Ray C Stedman: Overview of the Book

John MaArthur Overview

ESV: Introduction to Malachi

ESV: The Global Message of Malachi

NIV: Introduction to the Minor Prophets

NIV: Introduction to Malachi

James van Dine: Analysis of Malachi 

David Malick: An Introduction to the Book of Malachi

David Malik ( An Argument of the Book of Malachi

JVernon McGee: Malachi – Introductory Notes, Outlines

Charles Swindoll: Malachi Overview

William Orr: Keys to Malachi

Section 2: Maps

Section 3: Key Words

Key Words

Lord (39x) – Lord of Hosts

But/yet you say” Mal 1:2; Mal 1:6; Mal 1:7; Mal 2:14; Mal 2:17; Mal 3:7; Mal 3:8; Mal 3:13.

day (5x; that day, day is coming) – Strong’s H3117 in Mal 3:2; Mal 3:17; Mal 4:1; Mal 4:3; Mal 4:5.

return (4x/2v) – Strong’s H7724 in Mal 1:4; Mal 3:7.

messenger (3x/2v) – Strong’s H4397 in Mal 2:7; Mal 3:1

curse (4x3v) – Strong’s H3994 in Mal 2:2; Mal 3:9; Strong’s H779 in Mal 2:2; Strong’s H2764a in Mal 4:6.

name (7x) – Strong’s H8034 in Mal 1:6; Mal 1:11; Mal 1:14; Mal 2:2; Mal 2:5; Mal 3:16; Mal 4:2.

test (2x) – Strong’s H974 in Mal 3:10; Mal 3:15.

Section 4: Encyclopedias

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology: Malachi, theology of

American Tract Society Malachi

Bridgeway Bible Dictionary Malachi

Fausset Bible Dictionary Malachi

Holman Bible Dictionary Malachi

Hitchcock Bible Names Malachi

Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible Malachi

Morrish Bible Dictionary Malachi

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica Malachi

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Malachi

Kitto Biblical Cyclopedia Malachi

McClintock and Strong’s Bible Encyclopedia Malachi

The Nuttall Encyclopedia Malachi

Easton’s Bible Dictionary Malachi

Section 5: Commentaries

Commentaries & Study Bibles Top 5 Commentaries: Malachi

Tim Challies Best Commentaries:

Commentary Reviews: Malachi

Walter Kaiser – Malachi – God’s Unchanging Love

Calvin’s Commentary on the Bible: Malachi

Matthew Henry: Malachi

Albert Barnes Notes: Malachi

Reformation Study Bible Notes: Malachi

Geneva Study Bible: Malachi

Precept Austin Commentaries & Sermons: Malachi

Section 6: Articles


A Commentary On The Book Of Malachi by Richard V. Clearwaters

Wakening A Sleeping Metaphor- A New Interpretation Of Malachi 1:11 –Åke Viberg

Discovering the Macrostructure of the Book of Malachi- Mal. 1:1–12 as a Test Case — Rand Michael Muender

Malachi 1:11 And The Worship Of The Nations In The Old Testament — J. G. Baldwin

Divorce And Violence- Synonymous Parallelism In Malachi 2:16 — Elaine A. Heath

Is The Messiah Announced In Malachi 3:1- Andrew S. Malone

Will There Be Another Elijah- Carl Armerding

A Thematic Development Of The Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi Corpus — Ronald W. Pierce

WJ Beecher: The Prophets and the Promise

Craig Bloomberg: Elijah, Election, and the Use of Malachi in the NT

Charles Feinberg: The Commanding Importance of the Prophetic Scriptures

William Luck: Divorce and Re-Marriage: Recovering the Biblical View

Richard Mayhue: The Prophet’s Watchword: Day of the LORD

Max I Reich: The Messianic Hope of Israel – The Hope Scheduled in Malachi

Section 7: Got Questions

Malachi Survey

What are the Major and Minor Prophets?

Why did God love Jacob and hate Esau (Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13)?

How do we bring blemished offerings to God (Malachi 1:8)?

What does it mean to profane the covenant (Malachi 2:10)?

What does Malachi 2:16 mean when God says, ‘I hate divorce’?

How can we express our doubt to God without offending Him (Malachi 2:17; 3:14-15)?

 Who is the promised messenger of Malachi 3:1?

What is the significance of the refiner’s fire and launderer’s soap in Malachi 3:2?

What Does It Mean to Test God?

What does it mean to rebuke the devourer in Malachi 3:11?

Does the teaching on tithing in Malachi 3:9-10 apply to us today?

What is the book of remembrance (Malachi 3:16)?

What is the sun of righteousness (Malachi 4:2)?

 Was John the Baptist Elijah reincarnated (Malachi 3:1; 4:5)?

What is the Day of the Lord?

Why must Elijah return before the end times (Malachi 4:5-6)?

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