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by | May 9, 2019 | Announcements, News

Ray Stedman was one of the twentieth century’s foremost pastors and biblical expositors.  He was my first pastor.  I attended his church during my college years, shortly after becoming a believer. Although Pastor Ray went home to the Lord in 1992, his messages continue to have world wide impact.  Many of his books — and his wife Elaine’s books — are now free online.  The first two on the list are my favorites.

Books by Elaine Stedman available free online

A Woman’s Worth– My favorite

To Live in Joy

Books by Ray Stedman available free online

Body Life (Revised and Expanded Edition)– My favorite

Adventuring Through the Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible – My second favorite

Spiritual Warfare: Battle Strategy For the War with Satan

Authentic Christianity

Genesis 1-3- Understanding Man

Genesis 4-11- The Beginnings

Man of Faith: The Life of Abraham

Leviticus- The Way to Wholeness

Ecclesiastes- Is this All There is to Life

Jeremiah- Death of a Nation

Talking With My Father- Jesus Teaches on Prayer

What on Earth is Happening (The Olivet Discourse)

The Gospel of Mark- The Servant who Rules Mark 1-1-8-33)

The Gospel of Mark- The Ruler Who Serves (Mark 8-33-16-20)

Gospel of John

Secrets of the Spirit (John’s Gospel)

Book of Acts: Studies in Acts

Romans- From Guilt to Glory – Volume 1 (Romans 1-8)

Romans- From Guilt to Glory – Volume 2 (Romans 9-16 )

Romans- Reason to Rejoice (2004)

First Corinthians- The Deep Things of God

Second Corinthians- Power out of Weakness

Ephesians- Our Riches in Christ

1st & 2nd Thessalonians


Hebrews- How to Live What You Believe

Revelation- God’s Final Word

Jesus Teaches on Prayer

Esther: The Queen & I

Job: Let God be God

Psalms: Folk Songs of Faith

Study a particular book

Bible Study Resources: Maps, charts, reference works, websites & tools

Bible Study 101: Learn how to study the Bible

Bible Study 201: Learn to teach the Bible

Resources for Ministry Leaders

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