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On this one page, you’ll find links to websites, maps, charts, overviews, outlines, timelines encyclopedias, concordances and tips on how to use them.

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Charts & Lists


Books of the Bible by Date Written

Quotations: Where Scripture quotes Scripture

Bible Weights & Measures

Distances from Jerusalem

Women in the Bible (Zondervan)

Nameless Women in the Bible (Zondervan)

Barnes Bible Charts (dated graphics, but useful info)

Old Testament

How the Old Testament is organized

Old Testament Books in Chronological Order

Abraham’s family tree

Exodus-Numbers Parallels

Chart of Israel’s Judges

Saul’s family tree

David’s family tree

Kings of Israel & Judah

Psalms by Theme (Daily Office)

Chronological List of Old Testament Prophets

Introduction to Prophets

Kings of Assyria in Biblical Times

Kings of Babylon in Biblical Times

Kings of Persia in Biblical Times

The Righteous vs the Wicked in the Psalms

New Testament

List of the Parables of Jesus

What is an apostle and who are they?

Early Church Heresies

Coins in the Bible

Comparison of Sermon on the Mount and Sermon on the Plain

Geography of the New Testament World

Barnes Map of Herod’s Temple

Outlines & Times

Outlines & Timelines


Bible History at a Glance Chart

Hebrew Calendar

1st Century Jewish Day explained

Executable Outlines (Blue Letter Bible)

Chronological Map (1885)

Josiah Blake Tidewell: The Bible by period (1916)

Frank Palmer: A Bird’s Eye View of the Bible (1914)

Old Testament

When did the Exodus happen?

Outline of Joshua

Chronology of Ezra-Nehemiah

Isaiah: Servant Songs Overview

Chronology of Jeremiah’s ministry

New Testament

Chronology of Acts/Epistles (Blue Letter Bible)

Chronology of Paul

Paul’s Missionary Journeys (Map & Chart)

Chronology of Paul (Blue Letter Bible)

Romans at a Glance

Principal people in Colossians

How many letters did Paul write Corinth?

More: Introduction to…


Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

What can I learn from a multi-volume encyclopedias?


Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature Also known as “McClintock & Strong”, this reference work consists of ten volumes and two supplements published in the 19th century, co-authored by John McClintock, academic and minister, and Dr. James Strong, professor of exegetical theology.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia This 1915 encyclopedia was published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Hailed for its authoritative explanation of every significant word, person and place, it is the standard by which all other biblical encyclopedias are measured.

Kitto’s Popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature Dr. John Kitto’s encyclopedia was the first Bible Dictionary or Encyclopedia to have experts in each subject share their knowledge. Many subsequent Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias reference Kitto’s work.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia The Nuttall Encyclopedia, named for Dr. Peter Austin Nuttall (d. 1869), consists of entries that are generally very short. The encyclopedia has a strong editorial voice. The work concerns itself mostly with people and places.

1901 Jewish The 1901 Jewish Encyclopedia, prepared by more than four hundred scholars and specalists, was a descriptive record of the history, religion, literature and customs of the Jewish people from the earliest times to the present day.

1911 Encyclopedia Britannica When published in 1911, this encyclopedia contained over 40 million words in nearly 40,000 articles written by 1,500 authors respected in their fields. It represented the sum of human knowledge at the beginning of the 20th century.

Manners and Customs of Bible Lands


Bible Dictionary Search (Blue Letter Bible)

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary Although written in 1859 by William Rand, this dictionary of the Bible from the American Tract Society is still relevant today.

Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology Collected from many noted, contemporary theologians, this resources is a useful addition to any library.

Easton’s Bible Dictionary Easton’s Bible Dictionary was written by Matthew George Easton (1823-1894). This Scottish Presbyterian’s other significant literary achievements were his English translations of two of Franz Delitzsch’s commentaries.

Fausset’s Bible Dictionary From the co-author of the classic Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary, Fausset’s Bible Dictionary stands as one of the best single-volume Bible encyclopedias ever written for general use. The author’s writing style is always clear and concise, and he tackles issues important to the average student of the Bible, not just the Biblical scholars.

Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible Complete and trustworthy, Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible is a thorough reference (5,915 entries) for all readers of the Bible. For nearly a century, lay people and scholars alike have valued the authoritative contents and the convenient format of this one-volume work.

Hastings’ Dictionary of the New Testament Originally written as two different dictionaries, this complete dictionary/encyclopedia of the New Testament, written by James Hastings, is a thorough look at Christ and the Apostolic Church.

Holman Bible Dictionary The product of over 6 years of work by hundreds of people, the Holman Bible Dictionary manages to be readable and easy to use, yet take advantage of the finest modern Bible scholarship without heavy technical language. The over 6,600 entries includes extensive cross-referencing of related articles, and quotes from 6 different Bible translations.

Hitchcock’s Bible Names This dictionary is from “Hitchcock New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible,” written by Roswell D. Hitchcock in 1869. It contains more than 2,500 Bible and Bible-related proper names and their meanings.

Morrish Bible Dictionary Originally published with the title A New and Concise Bible Dictionary by George Morrish (London), the Morrish Bible Dictionary is more than a dictionary of Bible words.

Smith’s Bible Dictionary More than 4,500 subjects and proper names are defined and analyzed with corresponding Scripture references. Bible students have used “Smith’s Bible Dictionary” since its introduction in the 1880s, making it a trustworthy classic.

Whyte’s Dictionary of Bible Characters Alexander Whyte’s Dictionary of Bible Characters delves into the lives and history of both prominent and little-known characters of the Old and New Testaments. Drawing directly from both the Bible and referencing works of other notable scholars, Whyte’s skillful paints an informative and illuminating picture of these men and women.

More: What is…?

More: Who is…?



What is a concordance and why do I need one?

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (Biblehub)

Englishman’s Greek Concordance (Biblehub)

Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance (Biblehub)

NAS Exhaustive Concordance (Biblehub)

Nave’s Topical Bible (

Scofield Reference Index (

Strong’s Interlinear Bible Search (

Thompson Chain Reference (

How to: use a concordance

How to: use e-sword as a concordance

More: Bible Study Websites & Apps



Which translation should I use?

How do I do a word study?

Why is the New Testament written in Greek?

5 ideas you should NOT believe about your English Bible

Archaic Words Defined (Blue Letter Bible)

Greek Word Studies from Precepts Austin

Hebrew Word Studies from Precepts Austin

Compare Bible Verses in all translations (

Interlinear Bible Search (

Study Bibles

Reformation Study Bible Notes

Geneva Study Bible Notes

New American Standard Bible Online

NIV Study Bible Online

ESV Bible Online

Biblical Greek

Should I learn Greek and Hebrew?

Why is the New Testament in Greek?

Grammar for Greek Students

Greek Verbs Primer

Biblical Greek: Prepositions

Biblical Greek: Cases

Blue Letter Bible: Simplified Greek & Hebrew Grammar

Mounce: Greek Dictionary

Learn the Greek alphabet

Bingo for Greek and Hebrew

Greek songs

More: Understanding Genre


Lexicons & Dictionaries

What is a Lexicon?

A Lexicon  is a systematized concordance, that includes the linguistic factors and discussion of the different forms or conjugations of a word. Lexicon Lexicons Lexicons

A Dictionary is an alphabetical listing of the Hebrew or Greek words, giving their basic meanings, usually in less detail than a lexicon. Dictionary (multi-sourced) Dictionaries Dictionaries

Bill Mounce Greek Dictionary

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon – full definition

Most online sources provide the abbreviated Thayer’s definition. This resource gives the full Thayer definition. To use this site, find the Strong’s number, select the appropriate range, and then the number for Thayer’s full definition.

0001 – 0999

1000 – 1999

2000 – 2999

3000 – 3999

4000 – 4999

5000 – 5624

How to: Find Strong’s Number

More: Biblical Greek Tools & Tips



What can I learn from a map? Old Testament Maps New Testament Maps Maps by Book of Bible Comprehensive Maps Full Color Maps

Biblehub: Bible Atlas Online

Holman Bible Atlas Maps

Map of New Testament Churches

Paul’s 3 Journeys on 1 map

Favorite maps

New Testament World

Paul’s 1st Journey

Paul’s 2nd Journey

Paul’s 3rd Journey

Israel in NT Times

Kingdom of Herod the Great

Herod’s Kingdom Divided

New Testament Cities – Once there click on specific area

Apostles’ Journeys


Commentaries & Overviews

How should I use commentaries?

Classic Commentaries online

John MacArthur: Author, Date, Background

Ray Stedman: Overview of each Book

RC Sproul’s Overivew of the Bible

ESV Introductions to each book of the Bible

Jensen’s Survey of the Old Testament & New Testament

Top 5 Commentaries (Ligonier Ministries)

Best Commentaries (Tim Challies)

Commentary Reviews

Sound Interpretation Project


Historical Information

Alfred Edersheim: Sketches of Jewish Social Life

Alfred Edersheim: Old Testament History

Alfred Edersheim: The Temple —Its Ministry and Services 

Alfred Edersheim: The Life & Times of Jesus the Messiah

The Works of Flavious Josephus

The Antiquities of the Jews – Josephus

The Wars of the Jews or History of the Destruction of Jerusalem – Josephus

Jacob Abbott: Cyrus the Great (1904)

Jaocob Abbott: Darius the Great (1904)

Xerxes – Abbott

The Apostolic Fathers by J. B. Lighfoot

Who are the early church fathers?

More: Background & History


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Resources Sorted by Book of the Bible

Bible Study 101: Learn how to study the Bible

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