2019 Reflections

by | Dec 30, 2019 | News, Reflections

My 2020 goals are to: 1) break 500 podcasts (currently at 479) and 2) pass 150,000 downloads (currently 121,605). I need your support!  Please subscribe to the podcast and tell a friend about it. Also, in 2020 I plan to finish 1Corinithians and tackle a series of podcasts on “Should women teach or have authority in the church?”

I am humbled and very grateful for the many comments and emails I’ve received on 1Corinthians so far.  It’s been an amazing study and we’ve got some big topics ahead.

5 most popular podcasts

The 5 most popular podcasts of 2019 (which tend to be those published earliest in the year):

Podcasts with 600+ downloads

The podcasts with over 600 downloads (which tend to be the oldest):

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